Updated 25 March: Well the promised rain came, and it was snow “oop top”! Teide access roads are uncertain so best to check before going up – earlier the La Orotava and La Esperanza roads were both closed: check the official Cabildo’s roads department Carreteras online map HERE for up to the minute situations. Meanwhile, here’s a video from Carreteras of the lovely white stuff in the national park first thing this morning.

Updated 24 March: Aemet has now issued a yellow alert for rain throughout Tenerife tomorrow. As always, yellow alerts aren’t for dangerous levels, but many parts of Tenerife should see some much needed rainfall tomorrow – alert is set for 9am to 8pm, up to 15mm per hour.

Updated 6pm: Meteorological models are firming up after suggesting for a few days that some rain might be coming our way. Now, it does seem that we are to get some tomorrow, and even more on Monday, with strong winds as well. The forecasts are likely to develop over the next several hours but for now here is this animated graphic from MeteoLaMatanza showing the front sweeping in. Many will be only too please to have some meaningful rain, if it does end up arriving!


Updated 23 March: The yellow alert has passed but the seas are still rough and Canarian TV has carried this item about people taking stupid chances near rough seas for the perfect photo, or an exciting swim or whatever reason they think makes them impervious to the elements. Please take care near the sea when our own eyes tell us it’s dangerous, alert or no.



Updated 20 March: Aemet has forecast the wind to pick up tomorrow becoming particularly strong – Force 7 – on Friday. The south-east of Tenerife will be worst affected, and the winds will also bring wild seas, leading the Met Office to issue a yellow alert for costeros from 3am Thursday night: it current lasts the whole of Friday.


Source: Janet Anscombe: https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/winter-2018-19-weather.html


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