Updated 22 February: As many will have noticed, a calima is blowing in and should continue to do so tomorrow though weakening through the day. Meanwhile the seas are very rough, especially in the north, and emergency services ask people to stay away from the water and coastline not least because it endangers the lives of rescuers. Only this morning, a helicopter rescue team was in operation off Punta del Hidalgo where it had to rescue two swimmers who were in difficulty in seas so heavy that the Canarian Government has now issued a costeros alert for the north and west coasts. Please take great care around the coasts for the next few days.

Updated 17 February: Garachico gets it again, poor place! A Government alert for costeros from 10am in the morning for Garachico municipality has once more seen the eponymous town having to close roads around the harbour area. While there is an alert for costeros in Garachico, however, the sea around Tenerife as a whole will be rougher than usual: please take extra care in the sea while the weather lasts.


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