Updated 11 December: It’s this Sunday! Don’t miss it. Leaving Siam Mall at 11am for the annual Walk for Life to the Golden Mile in Playa de las Américas. Walkers will get an amazing send-off by Adeje’s volunteer firefighters, there’ll be a special memento of the event for all participants, and Clio O’Flynn will be on hand, co-presenting the whole thing, from 10am in Siam Mall. This is one of THE diary dates in south Tenerife every year, with a cause close to the hearts of so very many.

Updated 4 December: It’s nearly time! Walk for Life takes place a week on Sunday, 15 December, and has now gone international by joining the Think Pink Europe network. Under the banner ‘Close the Gap’, funds raised will be going to genetic research and the Bra and Linfa projects among other causes, with the unifying objectives to bring together projects in different countries, make a difference in the fight against breast cancer, and swap experiences.

President and founder of the Carrera por la vida/Walk for life foundation, Brigitte Gypen, said at a press conference today that her objective was ““becoming a powerhouse for change, knocking on the doors of the EU. We are now the Spanish representatives in this network which has 19 countries as members”, she explained, “a watershed moment which will mean more work, more commitment, more involvement but we cannot say no as this is a unique opportunity. We want to go as far as we can”. 

This year’s walk will depart Siam Mall at 11am, finishing along the Golden Mile in Playa de las Américas. The Adeje volunteer firefighters will give walkers a fantastic send-off, with all participants receiving a special memento of the event.

 “Our expectations regarding participation in this year’s walk are big, even though the numbers we had in previous years are hard to beat; we still work to grow every year. We want to fill the streets with pink wings” Gypen said, referring to the tradition that has evolved over the years with people dressing up and wearing pink wings for the walk. Last year over 5,200 people took part and €35,000 was raised.

The Grand Marshall for 2019, Hilda Siverio, said, “I will always be by Brigitte’s side, she is really magical, and to be chosen as this year’s walk Grand Marshall is a huge honour and a challenge. I want to invite everyone to come along and experience the Walk for Life, this is also a song for life, and you really do know that you are not alone…if you are ready to become infected by this magic, come along on December 15th, and you will be back every year”.

This year, the environmental commitment started in the last walk will be continued, with no balloons being used on the walk. They usually fall into and contaminate the sea, but there will be “steel bands throughout the walk, buses for those who cannot complete the 4K and of course we will be selling merchandise to add to the fund raising total” Gypen said. The president also reminded people of the 2020 calendar, Art for Life, with 12 original works of art, 12 stories in Spanish and English, “which will move you, I am sure”. The calendar will be on sale during a dedicated slot at 7pm on Monday 9 December in Corte Inglés in Santa Cruz. 

Organizers say that the hugely successful Flash mob will be repeated this year, and say “we want everyone to dance, so there will be a rehearsal this Saturday in Siam Mall at 7pm, where you can also sign up for the walk”. The notary who oversees the fund-raising is Nicolás Castilla, and he has also confirmed his participation in this year’s event.    


Among the goals of the Walk for Life foundation is the promotion of early detection of breast cancer. The foundation was born out of the personal experiences and concerns of Brigitte Gypen who, having fought breast cancer herself, decided to set up a solidarity walk, one which has grown year after year, and now is in its 15th year, having involved thousands of people along the way. Today there is a centre in Adeje, the movement has become a foundation and now is about to become part of an international collaborative network.

The Walk for life foundation also helps, in a very direct way, people affected by breast cancer and their families through the Pink Room, with therapies, etc, the BRA project and funds research and training.

Original post 17 September: Preparations have already been long underway for this year’s Walk for Life, which will be held on Sunday 15 December. Last year, a record-breaking pink wave of 5,200 including the mayors of both Arona and Adeje took part, raising €35.500, and this event just keeps getting bigger and bigger. For those who don’t already know, the walk takes place every December, and this is the 15th year it will have been held.

It is an event which brings together Spanish cancer charities and support organisations, people living with cancer, their friends and families, those who have lost someone to cancer, and on a wider scale the general public of Adeje and Arona. The start of the walk alternates between Adeje and Arona and ends in the other municipality, and this year it will start at 11am in the CC Salytien (Costa Adeje) and head to the Golden Mile (Avda Las Américas) in Playa de las Américas (Arona).

Walk for Life is a full charity in every sense that we would understand the word (see HERE for an explanation). It is the Fundación Canaria Carrera por la Vida and has a website HERE and a Facebook page HERE.