Updated 4 February: Today’s unemployment figures for January show that the Christmas fall was a blip because they are up again. Compared with December there are 2,404 more people out of work in the islands, a rise of 1.16%, though the numbers are down 6,282 from last January, an interannual fall of 2.91%. There are now 209,419 unemployed in the Canaries.

Updated 3 January 2019: After a couple of months with numbers rising, December’s figures released today by the Ministerio de Empleo show a fall of 2,960 in those out of work, a drop of 1.41%. The New Year therefore saw 207,015 Canarians saying goodbye to 2018 without a job, according to today’s figures for December released by the Ministerio de Empleo, a fall in the numbers out of work throughout the year of 9,072, down 4.20%. Of those, around half are long-term unemployed who are without any resources whatsoever.

Updated 4 December 2018: Last month’s unemployment figures released today by the Department of Employment show a further rise of 1,874, up 0.90%. Interannually, however, the figures are still below last November’s, down by 9,723 (-4.43%). There are now 209,975 people out of work in the Canary Islands.

Updated 5 November: Unemployment in the Canaries rose in October by 2,671, a rise of 1.3%, today’s figures released by the Employment Ministry show, though compared with October 2017 numbers out of work fell by 13,693, a drop of 6.17%. There are now 208,101 unemployed in these islands.

FM Coverage Across the WHOLE of Tenerife

So when you have a volcano in the center of an island it proves a little more difficult to broadcast across one channel... Did that stop Boogie Bunker Radio? No, it certainly didn't, as well as being able to tune in to your favorite station Worldwide Online, you can...

30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day

A couple of weeks still to go but Thursday 30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day, a Canaries-wide public holiday in celebration of the anniversary of the first official Parliamentary session of the islands on 30 May 1983, some 10 months after the Canaries became an...


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