Every Easter, Tráfico carries out a safety campaign as people move around the country to spend what is a very important religious festival in Spain with family. Police say, indeed, that the roads are even busier in a short space of time than at Christmas, with some 15.5m vehicles expected to be travelling specifically for the Easter break.

The DGT’s SEMANA SANTA – 2019 campaign lasts until 22 April and is divided into two phases. The first is from 3pm today, Friday 12 April, until midnight this Sunday: it is known as Operation Salida because it is when people will be leaving for their Easter holidays. The second phase will focus on Easter weekend itself, and will start on Wednesday 17th, lasting until Operación Retorno when everyone is returning home on Monday 22nd.

Police will be checking speed limits, use of mobile phones, seatbelt use, drink and drugs … a full operational campaign.

Source: Janet Anscombe

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