Driving around Tenerife is such a pleasure. The roads are great and the landscape is breath-taking. So, during your stay, once you feel like you’ve had enough sun and beaches, it’s time to go on an adventurous trip around the island. 

The special thing about Tenerife is that you can see 10 different sights in only 100 km. You can see the ocean, the mountains, the desert, the lush forests and the huge cliffs in one journey.

Just don’t forget your swimming suit, nor your hiking boots if that’s your thing. Also, whenever travelling in Tenerife, take your sunscreen with you.

Here are three of our favourite routes in Tenerife. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do and keep in mind that great music is the secret to a great trip. Boogie Bunker Radio is your adventure buddy for these escapades. 

Acantilados de Los Gigantes- Masca – El Barracán – Parque rural de Teno – Los Silos

Cool down in the natural pool of Los Gigantes. Photo: Cristian Terec

This trip is around 55 km long but keep in mind that you’ll have to stop many times because the landscape is simply amazing.

The first trip you should take starts in Acantilados de Los Gigantes. Here you can actually see where the ocean, the sky and the huge cliffs (up to 600 m in height) intersect, creating a landscape that will leave you speechless. The thing to remember is that it might be difficult to find a place to park. In case it’s too hot, go for a swim at Playa de los Guios or try the Piscina Natural Acantilado De Los Gigantes.

The next destination is the village of Masca. The road going there is quite epic, it gives you the impression that you might be somewhere in the Andes, in South America. During the trip, you can stop at every Mirador – the Spanish word for a place or or balcony designed to command an extensive outlook. Take your time to admire the surroundings and go for a walk around the village.

Serpent roads near Masca village. Photo: Cristian Terec

From here, you should continue the journey towards Mirador Altos de Baracán, a beautiful place situated at around 800 m from where you can admire the Montaña de El Palmar. This is a great place to take some pictures and you can also see that the climate is changing. The slopes tend to be greener on this side and if the weather is good, you can see all the way to La Gomera.

The next stop should be in Teno Alto, a magic village where you can see goats peacefully walking on the roads and you can enjoy luxurious vegetation. In case you want to support local farmers, this is the place to stop and buy some homemade products. Don’t miss the Paisaje Lunar (lunar landscape) En Teno Alto, also known as Los Bailaderos. This place is never crowded and it’s unique because the clouds usually surround the area and give it an alien appearance. You can try some moonwalking just for fun and don’t forget to take some pictures.

The last stop should be at Charco Los Chochos in Los Silos. Charco is the Spanish word for a water hole. The ocean sculpts the shore and creates natural pools. Just let the tranquility of this place surround you. The big bonus is that this place is not crowded, being considered a hidden gem.

Playa de la Teresitas – Mirador Risco Amogoje – Playa de Benijo – Piscina Natural de Bajamar

Anaga landscape from the dizzying heights of the road. Photo: Cristian Terec

This trip is 62 km long and it gives you the opportunity to take a bath in different places of the island, with totally different views. Try to avoid going on this trip during weekends because it might be more cramped.

Playa de las Teresitas is one of the most popular beaches in Tenerife. The golden sand is amazing and the place is great for a bath as well because the ocean tends to be calm on this side of the island.

From here, you’ll continue the journey through the Parque Rural de Anaga, one of the most amazing places in Tenerife. Take your time and stop whenever possible because this place is a treasure. The forest here looks enchanted and you can actually admire the ocean from above.

Once you get to Mirador Risco Amogoje, you will be able to admire one of the most amazing places in the world. This place will remain in your memory forever – just above the ocean, with huge mountains on each side and from time to time, you can see clouds hitting the cliffs.

Begin your descent to Playa de Benijo, a truly spectacular beach with black sand, indented rocks and not too many buildings around. The place is quite wild and it is the best place in Tenerife to watch the sunset.

View of the highest point in Tenerife from the Rural Park of Anaga. Photo: Cristian Terec

You’ll cross the Anaga Rural Park and you’ll eventually get to Piscina Natural de Bajamar, a great place if you enjoy big waves and you want to have some fun. The huge waves hit the pool and fill it with fresh water while also giving a splash to all the enthusiasts sitting close to the edge.  

La Esperanza – Mirador de Chipeque – Teide National Park

Beautiful rock formation in Teide National Park. Photo: Cristian Terec

This trip is about 60 km long and it will take you up the mountain, through some amazing pine tree forests. We recommend that you go on this route after 2 p.m. because that is when the clouds from the North come and embrace the mountain. You’ll be able to see the Pico del Teide, the Sun and the sea of clouds at your feet.

Even though there are not many stops mentioned in this route, you’ll definitely choose to take a break and admire the landscape every 5 minutes because it is simply amazing. 

The Canary Island Pine is endemic to the Canary Islands and the smell of it mixes so well with the smell of the ocean. This trip is an excitement for all your senses.

Path in the mountains, surrounded by Canarian Pines. Photo: Cristian Terec

Obviously, at the end of the trip, you’ll find yourself in Teide National Park, a place that is both eerie and alluring. If you are brave enough, wait for the sunset. The night sky here is the clearest you’ll ever see  and you can actually admire the Milky Way with your bare eyes.

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