Waterfalls are mesmerizing and they have been in the center of attention for decades in the tourism industry. Despite that, maybe this is not the first spot on your must visit list while in Tenerife, especially because waterfalls are a secret known only by a few locals. Read this article if you are ready to go on an adventurous hike that will lead you to the best cascades and the prettiest places for a selfie.

Keep in mind that during the trip, you should be wearing appropriate footwear, such as water resistant boots. Also, whenever in Tenerife, use sunscreen to protect your skin. Enjoy yourself and leave only footsteps.

#1 – Waterfall on the beach in Rambla de Castro

Yes, you heard it right. You have a waterfall pouring into the ocean, palm trees guarding the place and cliffs to leave you speechless. Rambla de Castro is a protected area and for a good reason – here you have the perfect combination of history (for all people passionate about pirates), flora with endemic species and breathtaking landscapes. All you have to do is wander through the beautiful alleys till you get to the beach. Once there, take a look to your left and you will see the waterfall and the colourful cliffs behind it. If the ocean is calm, you can actually go there and enjoy a fresh shower, at the base of the cascade. Our recommendation is to visit the place right before the sunset because the colours will allow you to take the best pictures of your life.

Photo: Cristian Terec

#2 – Lomo Morin Waterfall

You can get there either from Tierra del Trigo or from Los Silos but we recommend the latter because the scenery is more impressive. The waterfall is a bit hard to find, that’s why you should use a map on your phone – we used Maps.me. Also, water resistant boots are a must for this adventurous trip. The path will take you through the banana fields and after that you will enter the canyon. Climb the stairs all the way to Cuevas Negras, but don’t forget to look back once you get there because the view is just incredible. At some point, you will find a sign that points to Tierra del Trigo and that is your direction. Follow the water channel for a few more minutes and prepare to be amazed.

Photo: Cristian Terec

#3 – Chindia Waterfall near Tijoco Alto

This waterfall is actually situated in the South of Tenerife, although you would not expect this area to have a lot of fresh water in sight. Before getting there, you will be able to enjoy the Canarian Pine Tree forest, in its full splendor. Smell it, feel it, let your senses go wild Also, because this area used to be inhabited by farmers a few decades ago, the entire atmosphere is quite cosy, reminding you of the beautiful countryside. Once you get there, take a selfie and share it with us by tagging #TenerifeBuzz.

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