A small boy aged just 1 and a half was found alone in the street in Santa Lucia Gran Canaria. The father who had been at home with his two children, a girl aged 5 and the boy had not noticed the boy was missing. 

On Wednesday evening at around six-thirty two men found a young boy walking alone and disoriented down a street in the municipality of Santa Lucía, in Gran Canaria. The boy was well dressed and seemed in good health but did not have any adult supervision and was obviously lost and at risk on Calle Padre Manjón. The two men alerted the police as the boy was in danger in the middle of the road.

The Local Police and Guardia Civil came and took the boy and tried to locate his parents, in a short time they were able to locate the family home.


The 30-year-old father admitted that the little boy was playing with the five-year-old sister in another room and that he had not realized the adventure he had been on. He had started searching for the boy when the sister had informed him that his son was missing, at this moment the police arrived with the boy.



The Guardia Civil has transferred the case to the Social Services of the Santa Lucía City Council, to monitor the event, in case it is necessary to take action.