Photo: Ports Authority

The traditional annual Christmas Day concert with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra is a bit special this year since it will be the 25th on the 25th! As always the concert will be held on Christmas Day at 9pm in Santa Cruz harbour – the Dársena de Los Llanos.

Entry is free, but those wanting to go need to get a ticket because space is limited while tens of thousands want to attend each year! It’s the absolute spirit of Christmas in Tenerife, and there’s a dedicated website from the Ports Authority HEREwhere one can also register to get the tickets online (the site is safe but the link might give problems because of its security certificate: if you have trouble loading the site, just remove the “s” from the “https”).

For those who cannot attend in person, the concert is broadcast live, as always, on the Ports Authority website itself HERE, and it will also be shown live on Spanish TV and broadcast on radio. Organizers ask the audience to be in place at least ten minutes before the start because of the live TV broadcast.




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