Updated 17 April: Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that this Good Friday’s Passion Play will be broadcast live on Television Canaria and 13TV nationally from 12 noon. It will also be streamed live on the Adeje Ayuntamiento Facebook page, and Radio Sur Adeje (107.9FM) will be broadcasting live from the Plaza España throughout the performance.

The Council says that the Passion is one of the most eagerly awaited cultural events of the year in Adeje, with an important level of local participation from those who live here. “This is very much their staging, and something they feel very committed to year after year”, commented the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who continued, “this is a council run event with a  huge personal investment from the staff of the town hall, with  all those involved working to ensure everything is perfect, down to the last detail. Every year people come forward with new ideas and suggestions, each one adding to this singular cultural occasion, which brings together hundreds of people onto the streets, and followed by millions on television and online.”

This is the 7th year that the incredible final crucifixion scene takes place in the Plaza de España.The change in the location of this most emotive scene has added to the dramatic weight of the final moments of the presentation, with the incredible natural backdrop of the Barranco del Infierno flanked by the Convento and the Parish church, and much more space for the public in attendance. It has also meant a general increase in safety.

There are some changes to the production each year, and the Council says that this Good Friday there will be a number of new stalls in the ‘Jerusalem marketplace’, and props on some of the other stages are new. Some will miss the serpent and eagle which took part in previous performances, however, because they won’t be present this year. Sergio Sosa, a student of the municipal school of music will sing ‘No Encuentro Palabras’ and Adeje resident Carla Peraza will sing ‘Oye Mi Voz, Profeta’. In the Garden of Gethsemane scene there will now be two new actors, one dressed completely in white, representing the will of God, the other in black, representing evil.

The council is using a number of hashtags to increase visibility via social networks – #pasionadeje2019, #semanasantaadeje2019, and #easterweekadeje2019 for the public to use when they are uploading photos, videos and stories onto social media. The council says that it also extends its gratitude to those who, year after year, work to make this a very special event, for their dedication and commitment.

JESUS: José Antonio López Delgado
SIMÓN PETER: Gonzalo Delgado Ferrera
PONTIUS PILATE: Elías González Herrera
CLAUDIA: Daura Moreira
MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS: Ana Oneida Borges
MARY MAGDALENE: Ainhoa Aguilar
DIRECTOR: Laura Marrero Morales

Adeje council asks that those who are planning to attend the event observe the following recommendations:

    • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes – comfort is important
    • Apply high factor sun creams and make sure you have sufficient water
    • Make sure you have personal identification on you including information regarding your blood group and any allergies to medicines.
    • Arrive in plenty of time to avoid delays
    • Don’t push while in the crowd
    • Respect the security signals and barriers in place as well as following any instructions of the security and council personnel
    • Don’t climb up on walls, railings, flower pots, stages, etc.
    • In the event of an accident find the nearest health assistant and ask them to help you find a family member or companion.
    • In the case of an emergency remain calm and respect those who are nearby. Leave the danger zone and a follow the directions of the security personnel. Don’t run or scream.
    • When the event is over wait a few minutes for the crowds to diminish before leaving the centre of town.

Source Janet Anscombe:


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