The native language is Spanish. In the south English is spoken by everyone with German and Italian common too, but in the north, fluent English is spoken by fewer people. No big problem should be anticipated regarding communication, though.

A good tip is to pronounce a soft ‘c’ as an ‘s’ instead of ‘th’. So gracias is pronounced ‘gras-yahs’ not ‘grath-yahs’ or ‘grasth-yahs’.


The official language of Tenerife is Spanish, but the accent is comparable to South America, as is mainland Spain. You will find that most locals speak English, especially in popular tourist destinations. It’s always fun to try talking to locals in their own language. Even if it is basic, trying to do this is polite.


In the Canary Islands, you speak Spanish in the Canary Islands in the Canary Islands. This variant is very similar to Caribbean Spanish and is characterized by the omission of the consonant and the inhalation or nose. The Portuguese strongly influenced the language and dialect heard today due to the historical efforts to colonize the canary islands. Even Tenerife’s unique and delicious world famous drink the barraquito has portuguese roots.


A language that is unique to the canary islands that you might unknowingly hear during your visit to Tenerife is Silbo, a whistling language from the island of  La Gomera (viewable from anywhere on the southwest coast of Tenerife, like Costa Adaje) Using Silbo is a very effective way to communicate with people 5 km away before pulling out the phone and also when stuck in traffic it can be very convenient. It is sometimes referred to as the Spanish “whistle” and it is worth noting that the name “silbo” is accompanied by the automatic word “silbar”. This means “tweeting in Spanish”.

A Breif History of the Santa Cruz Carnival Music

Tenerife’s carnival dates back hundreds of years to the island’s earliest European settlement in the late 15th century.  The Carnival of Santa Cruz is the second most popular of its kind in the world after the Rio de Janeiro carnival in Brazil. The Spanish conquest in...

The Beautiful Garachico

If you’re looking for something off the tourist trail, head to to the Anaga Mountains in the north east of the island. Formed by a volcanic eruption 7-9 million years ago, this prehistoric mountain range is the oldest part of the island, and a trip here feels like...

The Awe-inspiring Punta de Teno,

This rugged, rocky headland ten kilometers from Buenavista is the most westerly point on the island and a great place to get away from the crowds and blow away the cobwebs with a bit of bracing sea air. Admire the active lighthouse perched precipitously on the rocks,...

The Pyramids of Güímar

The Pyramids of Güímar are six rectangular pyramid-shaped, terraced structures built from lava stone without the use of mortar. They are located in the district of Chacona, part of the town of Güímar on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. The...


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