Updated 10 September: I normally only update this post when there is firm information or an announcement, but with 51 days to Brexit, I thought a summary might be welcomed. We are hopefully at maximum chaos with calmer waters to come, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

As of last night, Parliament has been suspended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for five weeks. In scenes that must be unprecedented in modern political history, there was even a debate in the House of Commons about whether he was actually going to attempt to subvert an Act of Parliament requiring him to request an extension to Brexit, probably to next January, but in any case to allow time to try to achieve or pass a Withdrawal Agreement. This is essential because the same Act, which blocks No Deal, yesterday received the Queen’s Royal Assent. It is now law, and No Deal is blocked.

None the less, the PM says the UK is still leaving the EU on 31 October whether there is a deal or not, and that he would rather die in a ditch than ask for the extension he must request. This has left many Parliamentary and legal sources saying it is inconceivable that the PM could break the law in either of these respects, either to force a No Deal Brexit, or somehow to scupper the request for the extension: inconceivable it may be, but how much else have we seen lately that was previously considered unimaginable?

Meanwhile, Johnson has been in Ireland, trying to find some kind of breakthrough to the impasse surrounding the Irish border. The Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said in unmistakably clear terms that the backstop – the Platonic form of unicorns the Classics-familiar PM might call it – is not negotiable, it cannot go. As one journalist reminded the PM, he might be happy to be “dead in a ditch” but he was actively undermining arrangements that have preserved peace in a region where hundreds have done precisely that, literally, until only recently.

But the presence of the backstop is a deal breaker for the ERG, not that the deal isn’t broken for other reasons anyway, so there seems zero chance of getting it through Parliament, and apparently there are no new negotiations going on for any other deal despite Government claims that there are. And so this Parliament is in the absurd position of the Government wanting an election while claiming it doesn’t, and being unable to force one, and the Opposition claiming it wants one while it actually doesn’t, at least not right now, and being strong enough to stop the PM calling one.

And with the UK heading at full steam, in 51 days, to a No Deal deadline that it cannot now allow, and with no feasible deal in sight, and without Parliament being able to sit to debate and decide matters further for another five weeks, someone needs to pull out the rabbit that is no doubt cowering in the depths of Jacob Rees Mogg’s top hat. And quickly.

Ten injured in yet another pile-up on the TF1

Ten injured in yet another pile-up on the TF1

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This weekend in Tenerife

This weekend in Tenerife

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