What is Tenerife.Buzz?

Tenerife.Buzz is not just an app, it is a business marketing tool catering specifically for businesses within Tenerife wanting to gain exposure, advertise, sell tickets to, and also help draw in British tourists.

App available to download TODAY!!!

Every and any Business Can Benefit

Our system has been designed and built so not matter how large or small you are, you get a position on the map, and even better than that – we do it for FREE! Learn more about how to promote your business for FREE

For Residents & UK Tourists

Whilst the system has been built with UK tourists in mind, to give them one simple place to buy and store tickets and vouchers. However, you can also use to promote services to locals and ex Pats… the only limit is your imagination to what you list!

For example: Let’s say you own a restaurant and you create a voucher which allows a meal for two at half price. The customer looking for a good deal spots this and claims the voucher, they then receive it in the form of a QR code, which they present to you at payment. Easy!

What is the cost of this service?

Firstly, it’s FREE to list everything and you only pay commission on sales made, so why wouldn’t you add as may listings as possible?!

The app is FREE to download and use, so ensuring your business is on the map and in the directory and your listing are up to date makes it easy for anyone to find you.

As we move forward we will be providing you with user guides and inspiration posts to help you make the most of your listing, if you would like to meet with one of our representatives please contact us.

We have many options for advertising, and we are looking for partners to co-promote, get in touch if you feel we could mutually benefit.

Get Started On The Business Dashboard 

  • Create your FREE account here
    All you need is an administrator email address and password
  • Under the your listings section (on the right)
    Click the ‘Add New Listing’ button
  • Fill in all the sections as best as you can
    Click ‘Submit free listing’ button
  • Download the App
    So you can check your listing immediately!
  • Once your listing is set up you can get started right away with setting up your tickets events and vouchers.
  • Once you are registered we will be in touch soon via email with tips and help with things you might not be sure on.
  • Please send us any feedback so we can continue to improve

We look forward to doing business with you!

Election Called Over Budget

Election Called Over Budget

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called a general election on 28 April. Sánchez is leader of the socialist party, PSOE, which has been in minority Government since a vote of No Confidence last summer (see HERE), and as we saw only a week ago with the proposed...

Environmental Restoration

Environmental Restoration

Updated 12 February 2019: The Canarian Government’s Environment Department has initiated procedures to declare areas around the Taucho shooting range to be “contaminated”. The measure was taken at the end of last month and follows denuncias, studies and checks last...


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