Adeje 1 June 2020

Adeje continues to improve telephone services for older residents

The goal is to maintain contact with older people (aged 65-90), being aware of and meeting their needs

Adeje’s area of community welfare, and the senior citizens department, under Councillor José Antonio López Delgado, will continue with the telephone attention service for older residents that has been in operation.  A section of the departmental staff have dedicated their time to  keeping in touch with them, finding out if their situation has changed, their health, any changes in mobility, etc. 

“Being aware of the situation of the over 65s living in Adeje is the goal, to know their needs, the conditions in which they are living, how we can help a section of our society most vulnerable to Covid-19”, commented the councillor, who added that “we also want to be give them what they need to cover the essentials, as well as keeping them up to date on the current situation, the phases the de-escalation is going through, and how all of this affects them personally”.

These contacts also allow our senior citizens know that they are not alone during this health crisis and that they can depend upon the services on offer from the relevant council departments.

The data collected by the department has shown that, while there are a few older individuals living alone, most of the borough’s senior citizens have spent the pandemic living with family members.

In a few exceptional cases there are a number of older persons, the majority foreign residents, who live alone, but have been assisted by neighbours, friends, or by those who have been offering professional assistance.

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