Snow on Teide as unstable weather starts to pass

Snow on Teide as unstable weather starts to pass

Graphic Aemet.

Photo: Carreteras

Updated 6 December: The further rainfall arrived and, as promised, fell as snow in the National Park. The weather system continues to affect us but councils have now been stood down from their alert footing as it is now passing and not expected to get worse. The Cabildo’s highways department has issued these photos (left, click to expand) of the Teide access roads and in the caldera itself, and confirmed that with around 10cm of snow on top of ice-covered carriageways the roads will be closed until they’re safe. Anyone wanting to go up to see the snow is advised to check the Cabildo’s road status website HERE before starting out.

Updated 5 December: As expected, the north of several islands has received significant rainfall over the past 24 hours, and the La Orotava access road to Teide has been temporarily closed because of ice on the carriageway. A second wave of this weather system is expected to reach the islands later today, and councils throughout the Canaries have been put on an alert footing in case they need to take local action for public safety should the forecast worsen. This simply reflects official attempts to be prepared for any eventuality and doesn’t signifiy any particular issues, though the public is advised that, as usual, the seas will be perilous and should be avoided, as indeed should the coast itself when the waves are wild.

Original post 4 December: The Met Office, Aemet, has forecast unstable weather for tomorrow and Friday as a borrasca (low pressure squall) is expected to approach close to the north west of the Canarian archipelago. This is typical weather for this time of year, and moderate to heavy rain is expected, especially in north Tenerife, and the rain should fall as snow above 1,800m. It should be quite chilly everywhere, however, and so hopefully we’ll see a white Teide this weekend, though whether it’ll survive until Christmas is another matter.