Let’s take a one day tour in Isla Baja

Let’s take a one day tour in Isla Baja

Isla Baja is a less known part of Tenerife but it is certainly a place with a special vibe that you need to feel. The entire area is very serene and it offers amazing hiking and relaxation opportunities. Although it is not always sunny, the clouds turn it into a mysterious landscape, inviting you to explore. 

The main municipalities you’ll find are Buenavista del Norte, Garachico, Los Silos and El Tanque, each of them having something to offer.

You should start your trip in Garachico, a romantic coastal city that used to be the main port in Tenerife during the trades between America and Europe centuries ago. If you take a look at the cliffs behind it, you’ll see the place where lava flew from the Trevejo volcano and destroyed part of the city in 1706. Our recommendation is to enjoy the well preserved architecture and to take a bath in the natural pools. From there, you can take a walk to the emigrant monument, a statue with a lot of meaning situated near a very picturesque viewpoint.

From Garachico, you can take a bike and go all the way to Los Silos, admiring the cliffs to the left and the ocean to the right. Once you get there, head towards Charco de los Chochos (another natural pool). Take another bath and admire the skeleton of a full sized whale right next to the beach. If you are a fan of statues, check out the one representing a huge bird, created using only trash collected from the ocean. If you get there on Sundays, visit the market as well because local farmers come here to sell their fresh produce, harvested right next to the city – you should be able to find avocados, mangos, papayas, passion fruit and many others.

Your next stop should be at the next natural pool in Buenavista del Norte called Charco Las Mujeres. From there, you can walk all the way to Mirador Punta del Fraile and take a selfie with the beautiful cliffs and the ocean. From Buenavista del Norte you can take a bus or taxi to Punta de Teno, the westernmost point on the island but also one of the least known treasures in Tenerife.

On your way to El Tanque, allow yourself another treat for your eyes and visit the Mirador de Atalaya, a viewpoint that offers you a summary of all the places you’ve visited before – you’ll be able to see the entire Isla Baja. Close to the city, you’ll be able to find a camel center that offers fun experiences for the entire family.

So, get ready for an adventure far away from the busy cities and beaches of the South. Isla Baja is really special and needs to be discovered. In exchange for that, you’ll get a day of relaxation and tranquility in a charming area of Tenerife. Don’t forget to download the TenerifeBuzz app and find out more about special places on the island. Also, share your photos with us on social media by adding #TenerifeBuzz. We can’t wait to see how you’re having fun.