In order to understand a culture, you have to taste its food. Tenerife is a place with rich culinary traditions and trying the cuisine of the island will give you a better insight of this place.

Canarian food, in general, has very simple ingredients at its base but the results are amazing. You can enjoy all the meals you want, from starters to desserts. The culinary  experience will be a source of excitement for your taste buds.

In this article, we will discuss the top foods you need to try when coming to Tenerife. Also, at the end, we will share some Spanish vocabulary so that you can look like a pro when ordering food at a traditional restaurant.

Fried local cheese

This dish is what you would normally call a comfort food. It is usually accompanied by a local sauce called mojo. The thing about cheeses in the Canary Islands is that there are many varieties and they can be made from goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk or a mix of these. Goats are at the base of Canarian cheeses and it is quite an experience that while visiting the island you can actually see them enjoy the huge cliffs and the green pasture in the North and after that, you can just rest on a terrace and have some fried cheese. 


El gofio canario

This is a truly unique dish because you cannot find it anywhere else. Gofio is the word that defines a very special type of corn flour, made using millstone, roasted afterwards in an artisanal way. The technique was brought to the Canary Islands by the first inhabitants, the berbers. El gofio canario is a mix of that special flour, fish soup and onion.


Conejo al salmorejo – rabbit meat with sauce

This dish is so flavorful and rich that you will keep dreaming about it even after your holiday is over. It is such a special meal that you will crave some local Canarian wine to create the perfect combination on the table in front of you. The savoury meat is embedded in a beautiful, scrumptious sauce that will make you lick your fingers after you are done.


Principe Alberto

This is our favourite part of the article because it talks about dessert. It is a type of sweet dish for all the dark chocolate lovers out there. The texture combines both crunchy and soft characteristics so you could say it is a culinary experience. The cool dessert is great for those hot days in the South of Tenerife. It’s the perfect way to add sweetness to your holiday.


So, what are the most important things to know before going to a restaurant in Tenerife ?

If you have a sweet tooth, the thing to remember is that the Spanish word for dessert is postre.

If you want a glass of red wine to go with your rabbit meat, just ask for una copa de vino tinto.

When willing to pay the check, just ask for la cuenta.

That’s it, now you are a professional when it comes to Spanish vocabulary at the restaurant. 

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Bon Appétit!