Spain’s Agencia Tributaria (Inland Revenue) has sent out three million warnings as a result of information shared from from Tax authorities in other countries, says Diana McGowan. Diana is a qualified asesora in Tenerife, and explains that the warnings are primarily grouped into three categories:

According to the data available to AEAT, you have advertised the rental of real estate owned by you in various advertising media, including the internet. We remind you that, if you have received rental income, this must be included in the your annual declaration.

According to data available to the AEAT, you have carried out transactions using cryptocurrencies. We remind you that any profits generated in these operations constitute income subject to IRPF that must be included in box 389 in the your annual declaration.

In previous years, you obtained income from other countries. The AEAT receives the information about this after the end of the period for making your tax return ends, so it can not be included automatically in this fiscal data. We remind you that, if you have received them this year, you must include theses amounts manually. 

As I say, Diana is a qualified asesora, so akin to what we would consider in the UK as a certified accountant. I can recommend her personally, and anyone who needs advice on submitting tax returns or non-resident modelos here can contact her on or through her website HERE.

Source Janet Anscombe:


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