With Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento issuing fines amounting to €8,714 to an owner of three potentially dangerous dogs it seemed like a good time to remind owners of these types of animals what the rules are. In this case, the owner was fined for a range of offences including not having the required public liability insurance or passing the compulsory psychometric test. Some of the offences were defined as very serious, other as “just” serious, and with three dogs, the sum added up to the considerable fine imposed.

Dogs classified as “potentially dangerous breeds” are defined two ways – by breed (or cross breed) and by build. They must be registered with the local Ayuntamiento, and may not run free. When out with their owners they must be muzzled and on non-extendable leads. I’ve written the page HERE on keeping dogs that are so classified and hope the information on legislation and legal requirements is clear.

Source Janet Anscombe: https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/fines-of-up-to-e15000-each-announced-for-five-santa-cruz-dog-owners.html

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