The packaging of these masks, as reported by the ministerial department, is marked ‘N95’ with the barcode: ‘6 972306 630042’.

The Ministry of Health has informed the autonomous communities of the immediate withdrawal of FFP2 masks from the manufacturer ‘Garry Galaxy’, after observing that a consignment contained in green packaging does not comply with the UNE standards.

The department says that Salvador Illa has informed the autonomous regions, that the manufacturer of these masks is part of the list of suppliers authorized by the Chinese authorities, and “all” the administered products have “marked mandatory EC”.

However, and despite the fact that some masks in a blue container, do comply with the specifications established in the ‘UNE 149: 2001 + A1: 2010 standard’, the consignment contained in green containers does not meet these requirements, hence the order for immediate return of all these masks. This has been verified by both the Carlos III Health Institute and the Ministry of Labour, an organization that has carried out an analysis, requested by the Hospital Universitario Parc Taulí in Barcelona, ​​of these self-filtering masks, folded, with a nose clip and with a consistent headgear on elastic bands that go behind the ears.

At the same time as this, the Ministry of Labour has reported that another mask with no identification, without wrapping (loose), and not bearing any type of marking, does meet the requirements to be considered as FFP2. In order to verify the difference, the resistance to breathing tests have been carried out, and the “coherence” is checked with the results obtained in penetrati