Updated 28 June: Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento’s sports department has announced that the route will be modified for this bay swim due, as with the recent cancellation of the San Juan’s Eve bonfire, to what it calls “the persistence of the problem in the underwater outlet pipe”. The new route will be a round route, starting and ending at Playa la Arena as described in the image below (click to see full size).  At some point it might be more effective actually to solve the problem of said underwater outlet pipe …  

Original post 15 May: Many coastal resorts hold a Travesía a nado – a competitive swim across the bay – and Santiago del Teide’s is between Playa La Arena and Playa de El Bajío in Puerto Santiago at 5pm on Saturday 6 July. It is the 24th time the travesía has been held and those who want to take part can register HERE, the main website where there is full information of the event.


Source: Janet Anscombe 


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