It’s that time of year again when Spanish residents have to deal with their taxes, assessed in the middle of one year for the previous calendar year. The Hacienda has announced that 2019’s campaign starts today, and residents have until 1 July to submit their returns. Do bear in mind that many councils offer free advice for people doing their own paperwork but those who prefer to engage a professional, then I can personally highly recommend Diana McGowan, a qualified asesora who has been practising in Tenerife for nigh on three decades.

Diana herself advises foreign residents who do not think they are liable to pay tax still to consider doing nil or negative returns – this allows them to keep up their fiscal residence status, and of course this is something that could be very significant for British residents here after Brexit. Diana also says “if you have income from more than one provider ie state Pension and private pension your are required to make a return”. She has also explained how the “PADRE” program has been replaced with “Renta WEB” so all submissions are now made on line. There is more info HERE , and Diana’s own website is HERE.

Source Janet Anscombe:


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