Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento

Adeje mayor Fraga and Arona mayor Mena. Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 16 December: A pink wave of a record busting 5,200 including the mayors of both Arona and Adeje took part in today’s Walk for Life from the Golden Mile to the CC Salytien, and raised €35,500, says Arona Ayuntamiento. Organizers must be delighted with the turnout and the amount raised for survivors and those affected by cancer, and their families, friends and supporters.

Updated 2 December: It’s coming round very quickly to this year’s Walk for Life which is now just a fortnight away, and the Fundación has announced a charity calendar just in time for Christmas, and of course for the walk itself. Called Voces por la Vida (Voices for life) the calendar will have a page for every month dedicated to survivors, helpers, supporters … it’s one of the best causes around, and one that touches so many lives. There will be more details about the calendar in due course, I’m sure, but for the moment, HERE is the Facebook page for its presentation, and the links for the main website and Facebook page for the Walk are just below.

Original post 20 October: Preparations have already been long underway for this year’s Walk for Life, which will be held on Sunday 16 December. Last year, around 4,000 walkers took part and raised over €20,000For those who don’t already know, the walk takes place every December, and this is the 14th year it will have been held. It is an event which brings together Spanish cancer charities and support organisations, people living with cancer, their friends and families, those who have lost someone to cancer, and on a wider scale the general public of Adeje and Arona. The start of the walk alternates between Adeje and Arona and ends in the other municipality, and this year it will start at 11am in the Golden Mile (Avda Las Américas) in Playa de las Américas (Arona) to the CC Salytien (Costa Adeje).

Walk for Life is a full charity in every sense (and more) that we would understand the word (see HERE for an explanation). It is the Fundación Canaria Carrera por la Vida and has a dedicated website HERE (remove the “s” from “https” if you have a problem loading the page), and a Facebook page HERE. This year, too, there will be a Flashmob – see the following video if you would like to join them dance for life!


Election Called Over Budget

Election Called Over Budget

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called a general election on 28 April. Sánchez is leader of the socialist party, PSOE, which has been in minority Government since a vote of No Confidence last summer (see HERE), and as we saw only a week ago with the proposed...

Environmental Restoration

Environmental Restoration

Updated 12 February 2019: The Canarian Government’s Environment Department has initiated procedures to declare areas around the Taucho shooting range to be “contaminated”. The measure was taken at the end of last month and follows denuncias, studies and checks last...


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