Tenerife Monthly Photo Contest

Tenerife Monthly Photo Contest


Tenerife Monthly Photo Contest

The Barraquito as a coffee cocktail unique to the canary islands, Tenerife being it’s universal capital


Tenerife.buzz are pleased to announce a brand new monthly photography competition! With great prizes brought to you from businesses across the island.

we want to see your favourite snaps that really show off what it is you love about Tenerife. We expect to see spectacular sunsets, mouthwatering plates of food, scenic views from across the island showing beaches, nature, architecture, and more – click ‘Upload’ above to enter.

Everyone can take part! We want to see holiday snaps, resident’s favourite spots, from professional to amateur. Even if you don’t want to take any photographs you can still join in by voting on your favourites and sharing across social media.

Each month we will bring you prizes from businesses around the island.

This Month’s Prize:

Win a Meal for Two
(including a glass of wine or a drink)
At Cozy Tenerife


Discover Bay of Masca (Barranca Masca) Tenerife

Discover Bay of Masca (Barranca Masca) Tenerife

Bay of Masca

Barranca Masca

The terrain in this area can be difficult for some people due to the sporadic inclines, but to those who do venture out are rewarded with tremendous views and destination volcanic beach.

Mountain road

The road to the gorge is a windy one but eventually you’ll get to Masca village is a small, friendly and seemingly quaint village.

Mouth of the gorge

The gorge’s path leads you out towards the ocean,


Masca village is very catering and friendly towards tourists, you’ll find souvenir shops, restaurants and perhaps even a talkative local for a chat. Buy some water.

Inside the gorge

Down in the gorge you see the spectacular heights that surround you as you navigate the rocky paths ahead of you.

Bay of Masca

All of a sudden at the end of the path the rock walls beside you will vanish, and just like that you find yourself on the bay of masca, a natural and exotic volcanic beach. The perfect place to reward yourself with a little relax and a drink of water.

What’s on in Tenerife

What’s on in Tenerife

What's on in Tenerife

From 'In Tenerife' Janet Anscombe

The following list is kept to within a couple of months or so for ease of reference. If you’re looking for information about an older event please use the search box to the right. At the top of the diary’s events are general links to posts about groups of events like public holidays, arts and crafts fairs, meteor showers, etc., but the rest of the entries are reverse chronologically ordered links direct to posts about the events themselves.

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Photo: Turismo Tenerife.


2019 public holidays and local fiestas

Meteor showers in the Canaries

Tenerife motor racing rallies

Arts and Crafts Fairs

15 June: Il Divo concert in Adeje Golf

8 June: Tenerife Bluetrail extreme mountain race

21-25 May: Tenerife Walking Festival 2019

29 April: Lion King in Los Cristianos’ auditorium

7 April: Las Galletas Half Marathon

23 March: Legendary Swedish rock group “Europe” in Tenerife

5-9 March: FIMA 2019: Festival Internacional de Música Arona

17-24 February: International Festival and Academy of Music in Tenerife 15th anniversary concerts

16 Feb-1 Apr: Carnaval 2019 (Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Cristianos)

12 February: El Arca de Noé, association for those who have been “left behind”, holds charity fun event in Los Cristianos

4-10 February: Tenerife Surf Pro Cabreiroá competition will see 1500 professional surfers in Playa de las Américas

2 February: Craft beer festival in La Caleta 2 February 

29-30 January: Marina del Sur presents the first ever Sailing Living Fest

27 Jan-17 Feb: Santiago del Teide Almond Blossom Route – 2019 programme of walks

24 January: FOCUS group guided tour behind the scenes at TFS

19-20 January: San Sebastian blessing of goats, sheep and horses in the sea in La Caleta

18 January: Jersey Beats bring musical spectacle to Los Cristianos’ auditorium

16-20 January: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar in English

10 Jan-10 Feb: 35th International Music Festival of the Canaries

10-17 January: First Romeria of the year as Arona celebrates Fiestas Patronales in honour of San Antonio Abad

2 Jan-11 Apr: Canarias Folk Fest in Los Cristianos every Thursday with even more over the Christmas period

2-5 January: Feria Artesanía en Reyes in Plaza del Príncipe, Santa Cruz, and Plaza del Adelantado, La Laguna

2 January: New Year concert by International concert pianist Valerij Petasch in Guía de Isora auditorium

27 Dec 2018-4 Jan 2019: Dirty Dancing this Christmas in the Santa Cruz auditorium

21 Dec 2018-5 Jan 2019: PIT – annual children’s fair – in Santa Cruz’ Recinto Ferial

Christmas programmes 2018-2019




Noche de tapas y vino in Playa San Juan on 30 March

Noche de tapas y vino in Playa San Juan on 30 March

  2020?? Playa San Juan’s fifth Noche de Tapas y Vino will be held on Saturday 30 March. The event has become a regular and very popular annual date in the municipal calendar, and this year’s will take place not in the harbour as previously but in the new square,...

Carnaval 2020

Carnaval 2020

Updated 19 February 2020: Santa Cruz’ Carnaval has been taking place since the end of January, with murga and dance groups competing indoors, but from now the carnival enters its most famous phase, with the crowning of the carnival queen tonight in the Recinto Ferial...

Diamond Excursions Puerto Colon

Diamond Excursions Puerto Colon

Diamond Excursions

Puerto Colon

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Now on 87.7FM in Tenerife Boogie Bunker Radio

Now on 87.7FM in Tenerife Boogie Bunker Radio

Boogie BunkerRadio 87.7FM Tenerife

Worldwide Online

Boogie Bunker Radio has been working for sometime to expand its listenership.

BBR Tenerife will broadcast on the island of Tenerife on 87.7 FM.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From January 2019.

BBR Tenerife 87.7 FM is currently broadcasting and will continue to run a full test schedule throughout 2018.

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