Buzz the Wonder Car

Buzz the Wonder Car

Buzz the Wonder Car

Driven by John Grummit

Buzz was born in France in 1998 to a Mrs Reon and a Mr Cit Saxo and he moved to Tenerife shortly after being born where hes lived ever since he doesn’t have any brothers but loads of cousins around the world so is the only one from Mr and Mrs Cit Reon Saxo.

He is very proud to be an ambassador for and Boogie Bunker Radio as previously hes worked for some of the great entertainers on the island including soul and motown singer MJ Grant (still living here) and Justin Quinn who was a compare in various bars throughout his time in Tenerife before moving back to Yorkshire.

Buzz has had a hard life here in the island over the years having covered 300k km over hs time here bearing in mind the island is only 187km in circumference so in effect hes driven 1600 times around the island or 7.5 times around the circumference of the world for small 1100 engineered Saxo is no mean feat but Buzz charges on and manages adults two large suitcases and bags quite happily on a regular basis.

Buzz is buzzing around the south of Tenerife getting admiring glances from people and envious glances from other cars and can regularly be seen having his picture took in various stunning locations and reported on Instagram Facebook for people to have a photo opportunity with him for the competition running on Instagram Facebook and twitter where if you see buzz and get your picture taken with him you can win a fantastic t-shirt and if your lucky to get buzz and its owner you get a unbelievable t-shirt and baseball cap.

Watch this pace for Buzz’s Adventures