Travelling Around Tenerife

with App

Tenerife is filled with beautiful beaches, towns, resorts and the capital in the north of the island, the main percentage of tourists tend to stay in the south of the island due to the warmer climate all year round, but getting round the island is about to be made a lot simpler.

Using the App – In Stores, Download Now

Our dynamic and unique map functionality with built in Google Maps functionality will enable you to quickly and easily find businesses and attractions local or across the island. Our filtering system allows you to filter results on the map or in the directory by category and subcategory, with additional options to choose places that are suited to your group and budget.

With a tap of a button you can click for directions to any business from your location!

Latest News: Titsa bus stops and timetables will soon be available on the app!

Coming Soon! Our ‘Drop a Pin’ feature you can leave a pin for your hotel, your parked car or even a meeting point – which means you can never get lost! 

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Car Hire in Tenerife

Car hire is possibly the best way to give you freedom to tour the island, use the app directory to find a rental company, the map to see where you want to visit and away you explore!

To rent a car in Tenerife all you need is a valid driving licence and passport.

Please note: Whilst the roads are fairly straightforward, driving in Tenerife is not for the fainthearted and please ensure you are fully aware of the laws of the road in Tenerife before driving.

Taxi’s in Tenerife

Taxis are in abundance in Tenerife, you can use the app to find someone local or look around for an official plate beginning with ‘SP’ and a green light (meaning available to hire) on the roof or in the windscreen.

All journeys are metered and prices vary throughout the day especially after midnight or on public holidays.

Bus Travel in Tenerife

Travelling by bus (Titsa) in Tenerife is not only very affordable but a great and safe way to explore the island. You can hop on a bus and get off at any location and find business and attractions in the area using the map, plus drop a pin at the bus stop to easily find your way back to your stop.

The network of buses means you may have to change line if you are going to specific places across the island, speak with your hotel reception for information on buses or timetables before you travel.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash