The Story of Mount Teide

Volcano in Tenerife, Spain

The terrain in this area can be difficult for some people due to the sporadic inclines, but to those who do venture out are rewarded with tremendous views and destination volcanic beach.

Mount Teide is a volcano located in the belly of Tenerife and it is the third tallest volcanic structure in the world. Teide is a sacred mountain for the Guanches, who were the aboriginal inhabitants of Tenerife.

According to legend, Guayota (the devil) decided to spite the world and kidnapped Magec (the god of light and the sun) imprisoning her inside of Teide, plunging the world into complete darkness. Desperate the Guanche villagers asked and pleaded to their supreme god Achamán for help, but nothing happened. All seemed lost as Guayota roared in celebration upon the summit of Teide, taunting the Villagers, Threatening and scaring them.

All of a sudden a bright light can be seen through the darkness falling from the sky, it took the shape of a giant fiery fist and was plunging straight towards Guayota. The devil didn’t flinch, he just stood there staring upwards, frozen in an awe-struck fear, to him time seemed to slow down…almost pure silence as the giant fiery fist plunges into Guayota, and then instantly… a huge explosion shook the world.

The impact pushed and buried Guayota deep into the bowels of Teide, smashing open the walls of Magecs prison, she was free! Achamán graciously reached in and pulled her back into the sky and just like that, light flooded back into the world, flowers bloomed, dolphins jumped out of the water, birds of all kinds took to the skies playfully swooping, soaring… and singing.

Frenzied, the people jumped for joy as the skies turned blue and the sun’s warmth kissed against their faces. Life went back to normal now everything was safe and ever since then, whenever Teide would stir or erupt, the Guanches would go up on to Teide and light big bonfires to scare Guayota, to remind him what will happen just in case he was trying to escape.

And because of all that, still to this day Guayota remains imprisoned inside Teide, occasionally scratching through from under the surface, trying to peak outside.


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