Bay of Masca

Barranca Masca

The terrain in this area can be difficult for some people due to the sporadic inclines, but to those who do venture out are rewarded with tremendous views and destination volcanic beach.

Mountain road

The road to the gorge is a windy one but eventually you’ll get to Masca village is a small, friendly and seemingly quaint village.

Mouth of the gorge

The gorge’s path leads you out towards the ocean,


Masca village is very catering and friendly towards tourists, you’ll find souvenir shops, restaurants and perhaps even a talkative local for a chat. Buy some water.

Inside the gorge

Down in the gorge you see the spectacular heights that surround you as you navigate the rocky paths ahead of you.

Bay of Masca

All of a sudden at the end of the path the rock walls beside you will vanish, and just like that you find yourself on the bay of masca, a natural and exotic volcanic beach. The perfect place to reward yourself with a little relax and a drink of water.

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