The Policía Nacional has advised the public that there is no campaign for Early Stroke Detection, the latest scam where people are called from ostensibly genuine health agencies to arrange home visits to help identify potential stroke symptoms. Police say that this is a fraud which they encourage anyone who is contacted to denounce to them, and certainly not to agree to a home visit, or let anyone in if they call at the door with alleged authorization or identification.

Source: Janet Anscombe

Chirche Day of traditions Sunday 14 July

The Chirche Day of Traditions is an annual look at Tenerife village life as it used to be, and this year  it’s on  Sunday 14 July. As usual, there will be a huge range of demonstrations and exhibitions in the village’s courtyards, houses, streets and square, including...

This weekend in Tenerife

Updated 7 June: A sporty and summery weekend, this, with the Subida a Guía de Isora rally starting today and lasting through the weekend, and with the Tenerife Bluetrail extreme mountain race tomorrow. Also tomorrow, and continuing on Sunday, Fenautica 2019 will be...


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