Updated 8 July: The Policía Nacional is investigating a report that Peter Wilson was met recently in a south Tenerife bar. Self-evidently, while their enquiries into the report are ongoing, Peter Wilson remains the subject of an official missing persons investigation: he is not, in other words, “found” as some reports have chosen to describe the latest sighting. If there is any further official information for dissemination from the police then clearly I will post about it.

Updated 10 April: Peter Wilson remains missing in Tenerife. Police were understandably reluctant, initially, to pull out all the stops since any independent adult with no mental disturbances or illness is entitled not to be found if they prefer not to be, and police have little to go on in any case when there is no evidence of an offence having occurred. Once a flight is missed, however, and documents and belongings are left in a hotel room whose booking has expired, they act. And they have been acting, along with Missing Persons organizations like SOSDesaparecidosCanarias: and now the story is in the Canarian press generally as well (eg Diario de Avisos HERE).

Peter has been missing now since 22 March, inexplicably with no trace or contact and with no apparent problems of any sort back home, or with family or work. If anyone has any information of any sort that could help locate him, or even just general information that would help reassure family, please contact any of the numbers on the poster, or call 112 for emergency services, or 091 for the National Police.

Original post 7 April: Irishman Peter Wilson arrived from Dublin on 22 March for a holiday in Malibu Park, opposite Aqualand in San Eugenio, and has not been seen since the night after his arrival. He is 33 years old, 1.72m tall, and with dark hair; he also has distinctive tattoos on his arm of a clock and roses. If anyone can help locate him please call the numbers on the poster, or 112 for emergency services or 091 for the National Police.

Source: Janet Anscombe 

Carnaval 2020

Carnaval 2020

Updated 19 February 2020: Santa Cruz’ Carnaval has been taking place since the end of January, with murga and dance groups competing indoors, but from now the carnival enters its most famous phase, with the crowning of the carnival queen tonight in the Recinto Ferial...


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