Updated 3 October: Police are asking for public assistance to locate the attackers of the man who was stabbed a couple of days ago in Los Cristianos. The man, said to be Indian, was with his wife and son around 11pm near the exit of the underground carpark in Calle La Caldera, the one-way street leading from the back of the Hotel Reverón around to the Princesa Dácil hotel. The family say that they were approached by two men demanding money and who tried to tear jewellery from their necks, stabbing the victim when he resisted. The description of the assailants is that they are heavy-set and tall Sub-Saharans wearing shirts with a floral pattern who fled in the direction of the Princesa Dácil hotel after the attack.

Original post 1 October: A 42-year-old man is recovering after being stabbed in Los Cristianos’ Avda. Juan Carlos I, the road running from the main roundabout down to the Arona Gran, last night. Emergency services say that the man attended the emergency medical centre opposite the bus station around half past midnight after being wounded by a man brandishing a knife during an attempted robbery in a main street in the town. He was assisted by medics at the centre and then transferred to Hospiten Sur, and from there to Candelaria Hospital where he is in Intensive Care awaiting surgery but with his condition said to be comfortable. The National Police are investigating the incident.

source https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/man-recovering-in-candelaria-hospital-after-being-stabbed-during-attempted-street-robbery-in-los-cristianos.html


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