So far  28,900 fines have been issues and 312 people have been arrested in the Canary Islands for failing to comply with the confinement measures decreed since the state of alarm was declared in Spain.

In Spain as a whole, there have been 4,981 arrests and fines exceed 571,800.

In a statement, the Government delegate, Anselmo Pestana, encourages the residents in the Canary Islands “to continue to set an example and keep staying at home. The situation is improving but we are not to let our guard down yet, if we carry on to exercise caution, the end of confinement will be closer. ”

The delegate of the Government highlights that the Canary Islands have “some of the best indicators on the evolution of the pandemic in the entire national territory”, something that he considers “a shared merit of all citizens”, in addition to health personnel and the different security forces and emergencies.

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