The Guardia Civil have arrested a man, who fled them and jumped into the sea when they tried to question him in Las Galletas.

Officers spotted the man, who was walking on public roads in the town, but when they started to approach him to find out why he was outside his home; he began to run carrying a bag in his hand and headed towards the coast.

When he was near the sea, and despite the orders of agents to stop, he jumped off a cliff into the sea in a rocky area, and swam away then hid behind a rock until they had gone.

A search and rescue mission was immediately activated to locate him, which was maintained throughout the day with no result, involving the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group (GREIM), Provincial Maritime Service, Citizen Security Unit (USECIC), helicopter and GES personnel, Arona Local Police, and Arona Civil Protection.

Later on in the day, the Guardia Civil received a call from a woman saying that her husband was missing, as he hadn’t returned home after going for a walk. After further investigation, agents realised it could be the same man who had jumped into the sea, as he matched her description of age, height, complexion, and clothes.

First thing the next day, they continued the search, but at approximately midday, the man appeared voluntarily at the main police station of the Guardia Civil in Playa de las Américas, telling them that he had hidden in a cave until 11pm, and then went home.

Even though the man had given himself up, he was charged for disobedience, breaking rules of confinement, and wasting police time.