Their conservation and environmental work with endangered bird species is world-renowned, and Loro Parque has again announced a marvellous operation they’ve collaborated in with the Jocotoco Foundation, an Ecuador organization formed twenty years ago to protect land of critical importance to the country’s endangered birds. In that period, the Foundation has established eleven reserves protecting over 40,000 acres which also serve to provide a protected habitat for many associated plants and animals as well as the 800 species of birds themselves, of which 50 are globally threatened.

Today, Loro Parque has announced that with the support of its own Fundación, the Jocotoco Foundation has reintroduced 14 Great Green Macaws to their natural habitat in the Ayampe reserve. The species is considered to be the most trafficked tropical bird in the world, and two of the new arrivals are being tracked via satellite, while educational sessions have been offered throughout the country to raise environmental awareness.Loro Parque says that it is “a pleasure to share that all these efforts contribute to the protection of this species that is facing a danger of extinction in the wild.” The Parques own efforts of course, are a huge part of this conservation drive to save avian species from extinction, protect their gene pool, and get them released back into the wild in their natural habitats. 

Source: Janet Anscombe 
Carnaval 2020

Carnaval 2020

Updated 19 February 2020: Santa Cruz’ Carnaval has been taking place since the end of January, with murga and dance groups competing indoors, but from now the carnival enters its most famous phase, with the crowning of the carnival queen tonight in the Recinto Ferial...


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