Loro Parque foundation has done enormously good work for environmental causes, especially when it comes to birds, some species of which it has saved from extinction. And one particular species of bird has found an amazing home in the park, where the penguinarium hosts the largest colony of penguins outside Antarctica in an environment that offers real snow and a huge iceberg in facilities that are considered the best human reproduction of the natural living conditions of these curious and amusing animals.

This Thursday, 25 April, Loro Parque says that it is celebrating World Penguin Day. The park says “we have five different species of this animal represented in our expositions. Unfortunately, the situation that penguins face in nature is very complicated. A number of threats, such as climate change, pollution, overfishing or uncontrolled tourism, are impacting negatively their populations, which are decreasing by leaps and bounds. In fact, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), of the existing 18 species, 10 are under pressure through one or another type of threat. The specimens that live in Loro Parque act as ambassadors who help raise awareness and, thus, contribute to the conservation of their counterparts in the wild.”

The park has released the following video of how a real winter exists at Planet Penguin even in the middle of a Tenerife summer.  Loro Parque says that the penguins “find themselves in a significantly darker environment with lower temperatures as dim light perfectly recreates the Antarctic winter season for these animals that receive the best care by their keepers. A perfect example to it is that penguins voluntarily collaborate with the veterinarians of Loro Parque who control their weight and conduct the corresponding analysis.”

Just lovely!

Source Janet Anscombe https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/its-the-depth-of-winter-in-loro-parque-at-least-in-the-penguinarium.html

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