Thursday 25 April: 8.30am-2pm. Water cut in Adeje. Areas affected: Avenida Austria
Calle Pasaje de Austria
Avenida Europa
Calle Suecia
Calle Grecia
Avenida Francia
Calle Portugal
Calle Francia
Calle el Musgo
Calle Diario de Avisos
Calle Vista Bella
Calle Italia
Avenida de Dinamarca
Calle Alemania
Calle Irlanda
Calle Paises Bajos
Calle San Eugenio Alto
Calle Suiza

Source Janet Anscombe

FM Coverage Across the WHOLE of Tenerife

So when you have a volcano in the center of an island it proves a little more difficult to broadcast across one channel... Did that stop Boogie Bunker Radio? No, it certainly didn't, as well as being able to tune in to your favorite station Worldwide Online, you can...

30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day

A couple of weeks still to go but Thursday 30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day, a Canaries-wide public holiday in celebration of the anniversary of the first official Parliamentary session of the islands on 30 May 1983, some 10 months after the Canaries became an...


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