Friday 18 January: As forecast yesterday (see HERE), the weather has turned and brought wind and some rain which has turned to snow at altitude. Although Teide isn’t as white as we might have expected – that may yet be to come – there has been a considerable amount of ice on the road through the caldera and so all access roads are currently closed. This is likely to be repeated several times over the next few days and possibly weeks so before going up into the National Park it’s best to check the Cabildo’s real-time map of the situation on the roads here. The map is HERE.

Friday 11 January: 10am-midday. Water cut in Tejina de Isora. Areas affected: whole village.

Wednesday 9 January: 8-11.30am. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: Calle España, Avenida La Constitución, Avenida Marítima, Calle La Piscina, Calle Trivijate and surrounds.

Friday 4 January: 10am until end of works. Water cut in Icod. Areas affected: following image. (edit: the times were changed on the morning of the 4th itself – the cut will now be from 10pm)

Wednesday 2 January 2019: 8.15am-1.15pm. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: Calles Bajo La Cuesta, Era de Molina, Manuel Oliva and surrounding areas.

Wednesday 19 December 2018: 11pm to (Thursday) 6am. Water cut in Guía de Isora. Areas affected: the whole of the town.

Monday 10 December: 8am-12pm. Water cut in Buenavista del Norte. Areas affected: C/ La Alhóndiga, Plaza de Los Remedios, C/ Verde, C/San Antonio, C/El Perdón, C/ El Horno, C/ El Castillo, C/ El Puerto, Avenida Nicolás Diaz Dorta, C/ Los Molinos, C/ José Pérez, Avenida Daute. El Rincón. Casa Blanca.

Wednesday 5 December:  8am-1pm. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: C/ Armiche, C/ Fayna, Avenida la Constitución, C/ Los Corales, C/ Mahoc, Avenida Marítima, Avenida Marítima Playa La Viuda, C/ Tamonante, C/ Taunus, C/ Tenesedra & surrounding area.

Tuesday 4 December: 9am-2pm. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina, C/Noelia Afonso Cabrera and Urbanización Los Cardones.

Thursday 29 November:  8.30-10am. Electricity cut in La Florida. Areas affected: Ur. Florida, C/Castaño, C/General La Florida – La Camella.

Wednesday 28 November: 9am-noon. Water cut in Los Bebederos (Buzanada). Areas affected: calles Elvira, Camino Los Toscales, TF-66 entre Km 2 y 3, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, Panamá, Ecuador, Isla Margarita, Argentina, TF-657 Ctra. Gral. Cabo Blanco, Buenos Aires, Bari, Arkansas, Pensilvania, Quito, Asunción, Maracaibo, Lima, Acapulco, Valparaíso, Bogotá, Guantánamo, Nuevo México, Brasilia, Rincón de Europa.

The Brexit post: summary of latest chaos

The Brexit post: summary of latest chaos

Updated 10 September: I normally only update this post when there is firm information or an announcement, but with 51 days to Brexit, I thought a summary might be welcomed. We are hopefully at maximum chaos with calmer waters to come, but I wouldn’t bet on it. As of...

This weekend in Tenerife

This weekend in Tenerife

Updated 29 August: This weekend has a couple of fiestas in south Tenerife and a couple of very popular cultural events in north Tenerife. For tomorrow until Sunday, there is the Bavarian week and Oktoberfest in Puerto de la Cruz and the Pinolere ethnographic village...

New British ambassador arrives in Spain

New British ambassador arrives in Spain

Updated 22 August 2019: Hugh Elliott, a member of the UK’s Diplomatic Service since 1989, succeeds Simon Manley as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Spain and non-resident Ambassador to Andorra. The Ambassador takes up this new role having previously been Director of...


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