Boogie Bunker Radio & Tenerife Buzz – Working to Unite the Island.

We have seen some difficult times worldwide over recent weeks, and it has become more important for communities to come together.  We as a broadcaster have a responsibility to keep our listeners both entertained and informed, it would be normal at times of crises for your local/national broadcasters to work within the community to involve ourselves with various organisations to give that support, and a light-hearted touch in difficult times.

Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife alongside our partners at Tenerife Buzz!! Would like to inform Listeners and Users of the application, that we are willing to support local groups, both in the UK & Tenerife where we have our bases. We will also support local businesses with their quest to rebuild after this difficult time, by opening up free advertising slots,  as well as looking at further ways we may support communities in both regions.

For further information: or Tenerife Buzz:


Every day from Monday 30th March 2020 on DJ Woody’s Show ‘Woody’s World’ during his show 12(Midday)-3pm(GMT/Tenerife), Thursdays 11am-1pm(GMT/Tenerife) during that week of programmes.  He will give away a basket of ‘Fruit & Veg’ delivered to your home in the South of Tenerife!! These will be given to those nominated by YOU… The general public? If you know someone in need for whatever reason in these difficult times, and they live in the south of Tenerife! Let DJ WoodyKnow:

Boogie Bunker Radio & Tenerife Buzz, will continue to maintain our social media pages with updated information in these difficult times, and it is our hope, and recommendation that you continue to stay safe, and follow recommended guidelines.

We will continue to broadcast during these difficult times,  and hopefully continue to entertain and inform.




Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife in Partnership with Tenerife Buzz