Lidl have donated 20,000 euros to food bank, and with this contribution, the company hopes to improve care for families that benifit from the Food Banks in Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
Since arriving in the Canary Islands 10 years ago, social responsibility and sustainability has become some of the main focuses of the supermarket chain.

Lidl Canarias responded to the appeal launched by the islands Food Banks, which are facing an increasing demand for aid and a shortage of resources.
The company wants to continue contributing so that all households in the Canary Islands have the food they need to face the state of alarm and, for this reason, it will immediately donate 10,000 euros to the Food Bank of Tenerife and the same amount to that of Las Palmas.

With this financial aid, both entities will be able to continue the distribution of food that, through different local entities, they carry out in the two provinces to support the most vulnerable people, ensuring that for the next few weeks at least, they will have the basic foods in their cupboards.

Help is more necessary than ever right now, with the Food Bank of Tenerife serving 25,000 families in the province these days, and there’s a similar figure for the one in Las Palmas, which works provides care for another 20,000 families.

The contribution of 20,000 euros to Food Banks is part of Lidl’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which, for years, has collaborated with more than 40 social entities and NGOs in projects that contribute to improving the living conditions of the most needy people in the islands.
But they have also pledged to maintain their commitment, once the state of alarm has been lifted, to make available to Fesbal, the Federation of Food Banks, the network of 30 stores that Lidl Supermercados has spread across five islands to carry out the so-called Operation Kilo; the largest collection of food for the Food Banks after having had to suspend what they had planned to carry out over the next two months.

Lidl supermarkets also want to thank the Canarian community for their commendable work on these especially difficult days for all. Starting with its more than one hundred local suppliers and all the carriers who strive more than ever to supply all the stores with the best products on earth.

These acknowledgments also extend to the human team that forms Lidl, to the more than 1,000 people who work for them in the Canary Islands. Thanks to their involvement in the stores, in the logistics center of Tenerife and in the office area, Lidl can continue to serve all its clients, guaranteeing the strictest safety and hygiene measures in all the stores on the Islands.