Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

Updated 7 October: Thanks again to Stewart, these are the latest images of the current state of the plaza in Playa San Juan. Please click the images to see full size.

Updated 22 june: Thanks once again to Stewart for this latest photo of the works.

Updated 13 February: Thanks again to Stewart for the latest photos left (click to enlarge) and below. He says the entrance is now under construction.

Updated 8 January: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has confirmed that the works on the plaza are due to be completed in August barring any unforeseen eventualities. The council says that the new plaza will revitalize the historic centre of this town and provide much needed underground parking. Works on the town’s Cultural Centre are also expected to be completed towards the end of summer this year.

Updated 4 January 2018: Here’s the latest photo from Stewart who says that obviously the time of year has slowed progress a bit.

Updated 6 December 2017: The latest on the works from Stewart, who says “a little more done but it’s going slowly”.

Updated 17 November: Another couple of photos from Stewart, who is providing a brilliant diary of these works! Click the images to see full size.




Updated 6 October: Thanks again to Stewart, who says all rock breaking is now finished.

Updated 7 September: Thanks once again to Stewart for today’s images of the works in Playa San Juan’s plaza (click to see full size).








Updated 10 July: Thanks again to Stewart for the latest images of the works in Playa San Juan’s plaza (click to see full size).

Updated 14 June: Here are the latest photos of the works in Playa San Juan’s plaza, again many thanks to Stewart Kirby (please click to see full size):


Updated 15 May: Thanks to Stewart Kirby for these photos, which show the state of the plaza works as of 15 May. Stewart says that “as they seem to be putting in the footings it looks like they have gone for a car park with around 40 spaces”, Please click on the thumbnails to see full size.


Updated 2 February: I’m grateful to Stewart Kirby for the following photos showing the latest works as of today in Playa San Juan’s plaza.

Updated 25 January: I’ve been asked several times where the market is going to be in Playa San Juan, and I can now pass on the council’s information that from today it will be at the El Bufadero promenade next to Avenida de El Emigrante. It will operate the usual times of 8am to 1pm on Wednesdays.

Original post 10 January: There are some mixed feelings in the west coast town of Playa San Juan this week where works have just started on the renovation of the town’s central plaza, with new garden areas, a children’s play area, and underground parking. Mayor Pedro Martín says that the square is “the only one in the municipality which has not been renovated and its poor condition makes that all too evident”. Mayor Martín confirmed that the works have been in the pipeline for some time because the excavations for the underground car park make for an ambitious project.

For the mayor, the “lack of a suitable square was compounded by the serious parking problems in the town, two issues which will now be resolved with the new works”. Some locals, however, are viewing the development, including the demolition of the old church, with sad eyes. Municipal sources say, however, that the plans have been discussed with a whole range of local collectives and societies, as well as local businesses and, particularly, the Bishopric of Tenerife. The works are set to cost Guía de Isora nearly €2.5m, and one way or another, will transform the centre of the town over the course of the next year as the new plaza takes shape.


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