I’ve received the following from a British national reader who’s resident in Tenerife, and I think it’s worth reproducing in case anyone falls foul of this:

My wife and I received our postal votes today for the european elections. Hers comes from Scotland and mine from Northumberland. I noticed that hers had an airmail sign on it and was addressed properly (ie it Had Scotland UK on it). Mine wasn’t so I put it on myself. I then took them both to the Post Office. Something mad me hand them in rather than posting them. I’m glad I did as I was told that mine needed to be paid for. It had the equivalent of a first class stamp on it that was no good for sending from here. I rang my constituent up and was told it was an error. Being cynical it has made me suspicious as had I posted the letter I’m not sure it would have arrived in time or at all and my vote would be lost.

The reader says that he would like everyone with postal votes to check what they’ve been given to make sure their vote counts.

Source: Janet Anscombe


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