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Directors:  James & Corinne Williams

Tenerife has long been a holiday destination favoured by many from around the globe.  And is the most populated of all the Canary Islands!  And welcomes around seven million tourists a year, two million of which are British.

It’s not surprising as the island enjoys sun most of the year, even when there is snow on Teide!  The island has much to offer from nature, scenery, stunning beaches with breathtaking sunsets! To a vivid array of restaurants, night-life, entertainment, shops and much more. The island caters for budget family holidays, as well as those who wish to wine & dine in super luxury.

Directors  James Williams and his wife Corinne (left), have been working in Tenerife for around 30 years. James is also Station Director at Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife 87.7FM which hosts an annual event in Tenerife called Fun in the Sun every January.  The next events will take place on 18th-25th January 2019. James & Corinne, love the island and are in the process of becoming permanent residents.

Over the years they have been surprised by the number of visitors that visit the island, but choose to return to the same places every year, and stay in the same resort? But rarely venture further than a square mile from their resort. The island is a mere 2,034 km2 (785 sq miles) and takes around an hour to travel by car from the North where the capital is, to the South where many of the resorts and beaches are! Titsa Bus Tenerife provides affordable public transport across the island.

This inspired James & Corinne to think of a solution that would help visitors explore easily, with confidence and to their specific requirements. The solution had to cater for businesses of all sizes, and allow them to benefit and promote in a cost effective way, to tourists.

The app uses innovative technology combining directory listings with interactive QR Codes, allowing businesses and attractions to sell special offers, advertise events and sell tickets – delivered directly in the hands of residents and tourists, paper-free! allowing them to promote for FREE to worldwide audience.

Tenerife Buzz… All you need to know about Tenerife, in your Pocket!

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Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson

UX Business Development (UK)
Sandra has been with since the start of development. A key player in making this dream come to life for James & Corinne. Although in the UK she will be making regular visits to the island and tackles everything, from a creative and business perspective to ensure the best experience for users and businesses alike.

John Grummitt

John Grummitt

Sales Manager (Tenerife)
John has been alongside James and Corinne since the birth of the idea of John is great a creating a buzz in Tenerife and coming to visit businesses to get you on board, in Buzz the Wonder Car, our very own cheeky chappie, always on the go and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Damon Stuart

Damon Stuart

Digital Marketing Manager (UK)
Damon provides us with a fresh perspective, heading up our team, to explore avenues to let tourists and business know we are here! And here to stay. Using the latest mediums and techniques to reach a wider audience and ensure your business gets the best exposure possible. If you have any marketing opportunities please contact us.

If you would like to work for Please feel free to send us an introduction.

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