Get ready to take an adventurous trip off the beaten path in the beautiful island of Tenerife. Not many people know about these secret places and that is what makes them so special. Some  are natural monuments carved by the forces of wind, water and time while others are created by artists trying to make a point. Let’s get started. 

The lunar landscape near Vilaflor

While this is not an easy hike, it is certainly a must. The scenery is terrific and it will remind you of your favourite science-fiction movies. The lunar landscape is located in a remote area in the South of Tenerife where you can find many hiking trails that are not very popular among tourists. It is an amazing place for contemplation because the way nature carved these beautiful sculptures is just breathtaking. Do not forget your sunscreen because the trail is in the South, so the Sun is always shiny. 

La Piedra de la Rosa

So maybe you can figure it out by the name – a stone in the form of a rose. Yes, indeed, nature in Tenerife created the most artistic natural monuments. Located close to the Northern road that goes up to Teide National Park, this stunning rock formation is both unique and serene. Also, the place is really calm, there are not many tourists around and you can enjoy the beautiful pine forest around. The road that gets you there is also a must, because it gives you perspective of the volcano and the Corona Forestal. Just take a picture here and impress everyone with this beautiful natural monument. 

The moss lady statue in Santa Ursula

Santa Ursula is a little town in the North of the island that has a romantic touch to it. In the Quinta Garden, there is one surprising element – the four meter statue of a woman that is covered in moss, succulents and sometimes flowers. This piece of art shows how nicely you can blend human art with nature, while also adding value to a Canarian city. Because of the nice combination of colours, this is also a great place for nice social media pictures. 

The Giant Egyptian vulture in Los Silos

This sculpture has the purpose of creating environmental awareness for the locals and tourists as well. The Egyptian Vulture used to be a common sight in all the Canary islands, but now it is in danger of extinction. The sculpture that we are talking about is entirely made of rubbish collected from the ocean. The artist is Bordalo II and he tries to make his point about the need for climate and environment action by creating statues out of trash. We recommend this spot because the city is nice and the sculpture is close to the ocean, so the view is impressive. 

So, for those of you who like art carved by nature or by humans, Tenerife is the right place for you because it gives you the chance to admire both. Take a change and go on this adventure with us – download the TenerifeBuzz app and get to know the hidden gems of Tenerife. Also, take some nice pictures and share them with us by adding #TenerifeBuzz.