My Wife (Corinne) and I have been coming to Tenerife for many years… In fact thats not the truth! I have been coming to Tenerife for some 20 plus years, my wife has only had the pleasure for the past 4 years.  But you would have thought she has been a resident of the island for more years, than I have been visiting.  I am set to return to the Island this weekend, for a brief solo trip, Corinne has Christmas shopping to do, which is safer done while I am out of the country.

Many of you know me as James ‘JJ’ Williams? DJ/Radio Presenter? Some as Director of Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife 87.7FM? Both true, however I return to Tenerife this weekend for the Beta Launch, of a Brainchild of my Wife & I.

As I explained above, we have been coming to Tenerife for many years, and a couple of things always baffled us? One of the most crazy things we noticed, was the amount of people who were regular travellers from the UK to Tenerife! Now that doesn’t take much working out for the why’s? But what really blew us away was the fact that a large percentage of the UK travellers, went to the same resort? stayed in the same areas, and visited the same bars etc, each visit! We get the bit about, Liking what you like! But this was a little crazy!

We had a friend who for 20 years stayed in Los Cristiano’s, quite literally.. never left it! Hadn’t be to the Hard Rock Cafe (Los Americas)? So we had to find a solution, if not for our friend, but for anyone who travelled to Tenerife? And we created ‘Tenerife Buzz’!!

Now this was by no means an easy journey.. Although we are both Business Owners, nothing is straightforward!  There are many app’s out there, and most are a handy version of a website! which works, but didn’t do what we wanted to do! We went to developers, and they quoted a huge and unrealistic fee! But we were determined to find a solution, so that everyone could share some of the experiences we had?

I ran the idea by an old school friend, who introduced us to a sister, of another school friend? (Keep up, this gets good)! Who worked for a software company.. Bingo? Not really, but a step nearer! The Bingo bit comes, some weeks later, when the school friends sister quit, to go solo!  BINGO!! Tenerife Buzz was born, the app went into development!  Did I mention that my Wife, or I know anything about building an app, and played ‘Fortnite’ during a couple of those tech meetings.  But we know loads now! The reason for the app, for us was to show people around Tenerife, and show that the North is just as interesting as the South? The Climate may differ, but it has as much to offer, as the South of the island.  We also want to include those that were resident of the island! Not just Brit’s but locals, as well as tourists from other countries, so we wanted to make it as all inclusive as possible.  But at the heart of Tenerife, are the many Bars, and Restaurants, and Nightlife which make Tenerife so special.  So first we need to get all the business’ in Tenerife involved? That would be one long email? So you start will a business database, and add them to a map, and make the map the key feature!


Powered by Google our map is just one of the app’s clever features, but works just like google maps.  With the difference that when you click on a Buzz Icon the business will be able to give the user a host of information that google doesn’t offer? Ticket sales, Vouchers, goods, services, ie: if a Restaurant? you can book a table, read menu, or even watch a video of the venue? View other users reviews, and redeem vouchers/discounts! Even when you’re not in Tenerife, say the week before you travel?

Another clever map feature is ‘Drop a Pin’ (update in January).  Most people fear venturing out and about for fear of getting lost? Worry no more. open your map, lock your location – Drop a pin, and google will return you back to your hotel (with directions), if you want to find a Bar, or Restaurant you have been recommend? Search on our map for the place, Drop a pin, and get in a taxi, and the map will give you directions? Forgot where you parked your hire car? After all they are all white? Drop a Pin problem solved! Impressive? there’s More!

How do you sell, purchase, and make it all possible via an app? And make it secure, after all this is the internet, and Me and the wife didn’t sleep during that tech meeting? So how do you do it?

QR Codes! Everywhere you go there is a QR code… Even we have one?

Every Code is unique and therefore unique to you, or your business! It also allows us to integrate our system into any other system that is QR Code led! Currently bus tickets in Tenerife are run via a QR Code system, so maybe in the future you could use your app to purchase travel tickets, for bus journeys? But meanwhile we will make use of this system for discount vouchers, and for ticketing, but throughout 2019 new services will come online.

Back to the Beta, what is this Beta? What does it do? Well every app needs to iron out a few bugs, and with a clever app like Tenerife Buzz, there is a lot that needs testing! Secondly, we want to be fair to all business’ in Tenerife! We have a large database of all the business’ in Tenerife, and as with any database, business’ change ownership, move, or get rebuilt! So we want to give everyone the opportunity to take up their FREE LISTING! and make use of the Business Dashboard where they can give more detailed information on their business, and upload pictures, and videos if they wish, all for free.  We will have it available in the App Store & Google Play in the coming day’s, and will continue to work on the app features, right up until January 2019.  When we launch the full version of the app, with a full listing, and all the features.

Now… Back to my trip to Tenerife this weekend… Well someone has to test the mapping… I know we have staff in Tenerife? But my tan is in need of topping up? I am going to make a few tweaks to BBR Tenerife 87.7FM, which will make a great improvement to our range, and Sound quality, for our listeners in Tenerife, as well as online (also available on Magi boxes CH13).

Many of you know that Boogie Bunker Radio host an event in Tenerife every January, and this year is no different… Oh! Just Bigger!!

For further information visit the Boogie Bunker Radio Website

Before I close, I want to thank everyone who has worked hard to bring this project together.  The names are too numerous to mention, but Corinne and I are truly grateful for all your support.  To the Buzz Team, the best is yet to come… For the BBR Team UK & BBR Tenerife FM, we are about to bring the best week to Tenerife, Uniting the Island, Welcoming Visitors!

For the people of Tenerife… We hope that we will bring something to the island, for those that have been forgotten…

See you at the weekend, and don’t forget to come and say Holla!


James & Corinne Williams.




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