Architect graphic: Piñero.

And finally, after  years and years in the making, the “hotel” in the Golf del Sur deserves its name. The new hotel,  the 25th of the Bahia Principe chain of the hotel division of the Piñero group, is officially open, with the first guests arriving this Thursday, 1 November.  The new hotel is the first of the Fantasía brand in Spain, and has received an investment of some €80m to bring the development to completion. In the process, it will have created over 300 jobs, in the 5* hotel with 372-rooms in several blocks built around the theme of a Disney castle.  All the bedrooms will be a sizeable 50 m2, and guests will enjoy personalized services.

The opening was timed to coincide with the strong demand anticipated from the start of a traditionally busy season in the Canaries, and it’s opened as promised in November, indeed on the very first day of the month: the owners say the roll-out opening will be graduated, and that early bookings show strong interest, especially for next year. The hotel’s website is HERE.

San Miguel Ayuntamiento says that some 20 residents of the municipality have already been contracted to work at the new hotel while 60 are undergoing training at the Canarian Government’s Hotel Escuela (Hotel School) in Santa Cruz to increase their employability and increase their chances of working at the hotel. The employment push is due to agreements between Hecansa (the Canarian Government’s tourism training centre) and Bahía Principe Hotels & Resorts.  San Miguel mayor Arturo E. González said that such training initiatives have the full support of the council, as well as of public institutions such as Hecansa and Turismo de Tenerife, and just as importantly of private business like the hotel group.

All in all this is a really positive leap forwards for the Golf del Sur, where the plot occupied by the new hotel has been an eyesore for decades.



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