We’re one or two hours out here in the Canaries in terms of where the clock should actually be, as is the country nationally, the result of Franco-era Spain choosing to align its time with Nazi Germany during WWII. We should be an hour behind Spain, and Spain should itself be an hour behind the main part of Europe … meaning that the Canaries should be at least an hour behind UK time.

This often has quite an effect with holidaymakers who don’t realise that all advice to “stay out of the midday sun” is out of kilter here, since the hottest part of our day is between 3pm and 6pm. But all this will change shortly because the EU has now approved scrapping the changing of clocks in spring and summer. The change will come into force in 2021 and only depends on national governments to choose whether to stay on permanent summer or  permanent winter time. This is Spain has already proposed as an attempt to rationalise Spanish working hours.

What this will mean for the Canaries is unclear for the moment: either we will end up on the same time as mainland Spain or our time here will also be put back an hour to maintain the difference with the peninsula – and if that happens, we’ll end up being an hour behind GMT, which is actually where we should be.

This change would also apply to the UK during any implementation/transition period after Brexit, or if  it were to stay in the EU. Meanwhile, for the moment, the clocks go forward an hour for us all, overnight Saturday-Sunday

Source Janet Anscombe: https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/canarian-time-in-the-balance-as-spain-seeks-to-change-its-clocks.html


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