Entemanser reopens its public offices in Adeje

The office was reopened following an adaptation process to install security and hygiene measures for the protection of clients and workers – the online “aqualiacontact” service will continue to operate

Entemanser, the water company, has reopened its public office in Adeje following a process of adaptation to install security and hygiene measures recommended by the health authorities, to reduce the risk of infection for clients and workers.

The offices are open to the public via appointment which can be booked by calling 900 82 26 06. The over 65s will have a priority service between 9am and 10 am every day.

Pedro Antonio Gómez, head of the Adeje service, says that “since we opened in Monday we have already dealt with over 200 clients, most coming to settle payments (although this can be done through bank machines) and other service matters.

Entemanser/Aqualia recommends that clients attending the office wear a mask and gloves in the office.  The company has gels, disposable tissues and special wastepaper bins for clients’ use in the office too.

Since the start of the pandemic crisis the company have reinforced the option of telematics contact with clients through Aqualia Contact, online, with a virtual office option, an app (Aqualia Contact), and a Twitter account (@aqualiacontact).

Entemanser/Aqualia is working to guarantee a fully dedicated service to its clients with the same level of attention as before and has apologised for any inconveniences caused by the temporary closure of their offices.

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