Updated 17 June 2019: The Canarian Government has announced that the provincial Costas (Dept of Coasts) has instructed the promoters of the La Tejita hotel, Grupo Viqueira, to stop work within five days (of the instruction on Friday) due to the plans appearing to violate the provisional boundaries of the public coastal area which have been revised. The instruction is the result of a challenge by the pressure group Salvar La Tejita along with the Asociación Tinerfeña de Amigos de la Naturaleza (ATAN), both organizations supplying a technical report which suggests that under the revised coastal boundary, the plans should be themselves revised. Works will have to be suspended, or a fine will be levied, while the Courts hear the latest considerations.  

Updated 10 June 2016: As I said on 18 April: “Now that the Cabildo has given the go-ahead, it is for the Canarian Government’s Environment Department and Granadilla Ayuntamiento to submit their own reports; both are expected to approve the project.” And the expectations have been fulfilled, with Diario de Avisos reporting today that the Canarian Government’s Dirección General de Ordenación del Territorio has sent a report to Granadilla Ayuntamiento confirming its full approval. All that’s left now, it seems, is for the full and final formal technical project to be submitted to the council, which is fully behind the development: this is likely to be in the next few months.

Source : Janet Anscombe 

Carnaval 2020

Carnaval 2020

Updated 19 February 2020: Santa Cruz’ Carnaval has been taking place since the end of January, with murga and dance groups competing indoors, but from now the carnival enters its most famous phase, with the crowning of the carnival queen tonight in the Recinto Ferial...


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