Photo. Snowbird.

Updated 25 November: Despite fears that the new beach would have been damaged or even swept away entirely in the recent bad weather, it has stood up to the elements perfectly well, and as normal weather returns, Snowy has sent me some photos of what it’s like … in the sun, in all its glory! Beautiful.

Updated 23 April: And, after today’s official opening, here is the finished beach.

Photo: Nigel and Wendy Armitage

Updated 20 April: At long last El Beril beach is to opened. Adeje Ayuntamiento is holding the official inauguration this Monday, 23 April, at midday, a formal act that will be attended by the Canarian Government subdelegado Guillermo Díaz Guerra, Tenerife president Carlos Alonso, the new Canarian Government tourism minister Cristóbal de la Rosa, chief of Provincial Costas José Manuel Fojo Barroso, mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Adeje urban planning councillor Ermitas Moreira, and urban technician Uberto Rodríguez.

The new beach, whose concessionary is Sociedad Urbanizadora El Beril S.A., has been instigated and administered by Sociedad Explotadora Playa del Duque S.L., part of Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO) whose president, Francisco Javier Zamorano, will also be at the official opening. The refurbishment works to the beach and the widening of the paseo marítimo have cost around €2m.

(I’ve removed the photos from the posts below of works in progress for reasons of space).

Updated 3 April 2018: Hoteliers association Ashotel has called on the public authorities to get their act together for the new El Beril beach to be opened. Ashotel says that the beach has been finished for a month but remains “pending bureaucratic procedures”. Only this last weekend, the Policía Local had to evict users who decided to celebrate Easter on the beach and had simply jumped over the security fence, which Ashotel says is not worthy of the name.

Ashotel says that according to information it has received, the beach cannot be opened because it some facilities are still outstanding which need licences to be issued to those who have won beach concessions to provide services. The association says that it would be a different matter if it were a case of public health issues, or something that made use of the beach impracticable, but for pure bureaucracy and given the lateness of the season already, there is little sense in it remaining out of commission, especially when other beaches which are open themselves lack sunbeds or lifeguard services.

Original post 29 October 2016: Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that up to €2m is to be spent on works to improve the swimming zone along the strand that flanks El Duque beach by the Hotel Bahía del Duque. El Beril beach will also get a facelift as part of the plan, given its location in part of the tourist zone that continues to grow in popularity.

Adeje tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira García and Municipal Works councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera say that the work to recondition the beach is part of overall improvements being made to the Costa Adeje public and private infrastructures. The managing concessionary of the area added that since the beach has not to date fully met the needs of the growing number of users, it was felt vital “to put an improvement plan in place that could adapt the bathing zone to meet the new needs of the resident and visitor population, while also respecting the environmental needs of the area. The changes will give the area added value”.

The works will see an enlargement in the sandy zone to cater for the increased number of beach users during the year. Using local stone, the plan is to create a dry sandy zone of 14,000 square metres, three new beach accesses for people with reduced mobility, ramps throughout the beach zone, showers adapted for all users, and wooden walkways, adequate rubbish bins, etc.  There will also be improvements to the five existing steps down to the beach from the pedestrian area.

Works have already started which does mean that for the time being there are some restrictions and barriers in place for the safety of pedestrians.



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