Updated 23 March: The association El Arca de Noé (Noah’s Ark) is holding a charity fundraiser on 6 April. El Arca de Noé is a charity in the full sense of the word (see HERE) and focuses primarily on the needs of those who for lots of reasons have been left behind: I’ve described their association and work in the posts below. After the success of the Buddies Bar fun night in February, El Arca de Noé’s next event is a Fun Day for all the Family in Los Diamantes in Los Cristianos between midday and 5pm. As before, if anyone would like to help generally independently of the fundraising event, clothing and food can always be donated, indeed the charity collects if you send an email to tenerife.noahs.ark@gmail.com or phone 634 142 041 or 674 091 254. Noah’s Ark also has a Facebook page HERE.

Updated 6 March: El Arca de Noé says that its recent charity event at Buddies Bar was very successful and raised €1,200. The association is now looking to raise funds for a new refuge: the details are on the poster below for anyone who can help to get in touch directly.

Source Janet Anscombe: https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/el-arca-de-noe-association-for-those-who-have-been-left-behind.html


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